Monday, 22 August 2011


Hi guys :) first post!

To people I don't know - hello and welcome! To people I know: you mock me, I'll kill you. Get out.

I'm not really sure what to tell you to expect with this blog. Most likely it'll just be my thoughts or ideas whenever I get round to writing them down. I've just graduated (a month or so ago) from University of Manchester and I'm in a transition period where I don't have a clue what's going on. I have a small part time job but my main focus should be on getting a real person's job and doing real person things.

However, despite this lofty aim I spend all 98% of my time not looking for a job, being on the internet, reading, going out, travelling to go out or sleeping. Main problem for me is not knowing what I want to do. Whenever I try I kinda end up like this and I don't get anywhere.

So this blog is potentially going to cover the undoubtedly fascinating chronology of:

a) My successful journey to adulthood with details on my successful, impressive high-paying and convenient job.
b) My increasingly frustrated attempts at finding any more work as my attempts become more and more futile.
c) Screw the job, enter instead highly dramatised and exaggerated version of the days events; more often than not, the blog ends a life-threatening situation....but do I survive?

Anyway, updates on any brainwaves I have on what kind of job I want can be hoped for but expect this hope to remain unfulfilled. I'll probably be commenting on things in the news or stuff I've found on the internet or that happened in the day.

Things and stuff, essentially.

But mainly, this was something that made me smile today so, enjoy :)

Bowing out x


  1. Yay... welcome to the world :-)


    ps word verification "imender" the proper name for a conjuctivitis cure

  2. Hi, distant blogger. We'll look forward to your thoughts.

    Just a teeny, weeny mock occasionally, perhaps?

    Big A

  3. Go Bridget. Hope there will be some pics too. And a belated congratulations on graduating.

    Jeannie xx