Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Beautiful day to blog

Happy Wednesday to all :)

The weather is b-e-a-uutifull today! British weather really needs to decide if its in Summer or Winter at the moment. Preferably, it'll choose summer but it'll properly only happy when all the school children get thrown forcibly from the fields and back into school.

6 week holidays are definitely a distant memory; I much prefer the Uni way of ~3 months off and then casually turn up to a few lectures. I think discipline is a memory too 'cos at Uni you could come and go and it felt like you'd done a really good deed if you managed to turn up to nearly a full week of lectures.

I'm loving the freedom that leaving education gives you . Even though my head is crying because it can't make a decision, it's a great feeling to have so many options and I'm so lucky to live in a country where I have access to pretty much any job. Glass ceiling or no glass ceiling, at least I'm not gunna be shot down for wanting to be a female doctor. If I was so inclined.

Mostly though, I wanted to talk about a book. Anyone that knows me will be thinking (as they avidly read my blog) -  'oh here we go, Bow and her books'.

I like books.

It's this particular appreciation that inspired the background to the blog, as you might imagine (n.b. don't go thinking this is the final, finished 'look' of the blog - complete work-in-progress. I'm not creative but hopefully I can do better than this). So do expect Bridget's Corner to talk about some books. I might even have a themed section called Bridget's Books or something equally unimaginative. Expect this.

The book I've been reading is called Until the Final Hour by Traudl normal words, she was one of Hitler's Secretaries who stayed with him until, yeh, 'the final hour'. I haven't reached the final hour yet, but I'm sure it'll be good. Her diaries were made into the film Downfall which you may or may not have seen.

The book is literally fascinating. I don't use literally fascinating very often, but when I do it's normally about something good. Normally you hear character appraisals of Hitler and it's all "he's evil" and "he's a vegetarian ohh the irony". While he is evil and his eating habits are slightly ironic, Traudl makes him seem so....normal.
She was very young, very naive and you can see how there were almost two sides to Hitler; evil, militaristic, megalomaniac....and then the man who eats dinner, who makes jokes, teaches his dogs tricks.

Amazing. Do read it, or watch the film, if this kind of thing interests you. If you've ever read books like Anne Frank, The Book Thief or literally anything about the holocaust, this book will just amaze and confuse you.

Book loving out the way, I feel I should credit my older brother Timothy for his remarkable genius in naming the blog. Naturally, it arose out of him making fun of me when I used to ask [great and interesting] questions when watching Match of the Day. And sitting in the corner.

Thank you for reading :)

Bowing out xx


  1. I second Bow's emotion, and also invite anyone reading this to check out ITV's masterpiece documentary series 'The World At War' in which the Fuhrer's private secretary is extensively interviewed, and even took part in two special episodes that deal with the death of Hitler.

  2. Of course many people met Adolf before the war (including at least one of the Mitford sisters) and found him charming, which never seems to square with the ranting maniac on the podium at those rallies.

    I guess even Saddam and Gadaffi have their saner moments.