Friday, 9 September 2011

No delay, blog today!

Hiya all,

I'm alive! My head has been distracted the past week or so by life and such things...must get into habit of blogging as life happens and not after. Point of blog after all, no?

I literally just watched The Social Network and wanted to talk about how good it is. For anyone that doesn't know or hasn't seen it follows Mark Zuckerburg, the 'guy who created Facebook'; how the idea developed, how it spread, the lawsuits with his friends and so on.
As my dad said, it was a really atmospheric film, great dialogue and a lot of emphasis on the characters and personalities. I personally prefer that to explosions and slapstick humour, most probably with this guy who I cannot stand....Although saying that, I kinda wish I liked slapstick The-Hangover type humour though because its everywhere.

Anyway, the film is great and I really like Jesse Eisenburg who plays Zuckerburg. Really impressive acting. And he has a nice face.

I think part of what is attractive about the film is that its all about hindsight. We care how the idea came about and the small steps it took because Facebook became so huge and influential that its hard to imagine that 5 or so years ago no-one knew what it was.

When a friend of mine first made me an account when I was about 17 I didn't really like it, and felt reluctant to be drawn into all the hype (how hipster of me) and heard from others that it was mostly for Uni students wanting to stay in touch. Now, I'll check it every day. Its pretty much ever present amongst my age group and by kids who seem younger and younger by the minute.

What'll happen in the next 5 years? Inventions like the Ipad or the Iphone, while great, haven't set the world on fire in the same way: it doesn't work when you can get the same thing at cheaper prices. But what happens when every 7 year old has an Ipad? Apparently there is a private school where every child is required to have an Ipad rich do you have to be? Come on!

Everything is now online. Listening to music, reading books, talking to friends, watching can now all be done on your laptop or phone. Where does it all go from here? It feels like everything has reached a peak but quite clearly everything is going to keep changing....

And with that, I bid you goodnight!



  1. ... Facebook?

    I heard on the wireless that one of the most embarrassing things a parent can do is to ask their daughter/son to become their Facebook Friend...

    You're safe Bridgie! Facebook is not for me... and if it ever becomes me... I'll wait for you to ask! :-)

  2. It's definitely generational: I have a Facebook page (account? whatever), but I don't look very often. Can't be bothered, really. But then I guess most of my peers feel the same way, so there's no incentive.

    (The "wireless", Ruthie? Is that something like a radio?)

  3. Thanks Big A,
    I hoped someone would notice :-)